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Manufacturer's Name
D.O. Weaver & Company
D.W. Electrochemicals Ltd.
D3 Chimie
Dade Behring, Inc.
Daikin   Flurochemicals(DAIKIN AMERICA, INC.)
Daiso Co., Ltd.
Daljay Chemical Co., Ltd.
Dantronix Research and Technologies
DAP, Inc
Dar-Tech, Inc.
Daubert Coated Products, Inc.
Daurala Organics Limited
Day-Glo Color Corp.
DCM Shriram Industries Limited
Dead Sea Periclase Ltd
Decal Chemical Corp.
Decon Laboratories, Inc.
Deeks & Company
Degesh America
Delco Cleaning Systems of Fort Worth
Delta Chemical Corporation
Devcon (also put under ITW Devcon)
Development Associates
Dewolf Chemical, Inc.
Diagnostic Chemicals Limited
Diamond K Gypsum (Dunham & Livesay, Inc.)
Diamond R Fertilizer Company, Inc
Diamond Vogel Paints
Difco Laboratories (Lab Animal)
Digital Design, Inc, (Genesis Ink Jet)
Dilipkumar & Co.
Dillon Chemical Supply
Discus Dental
Dishman Pharmaceuticals and Chemicals, Ltd.
Diversified CPC International
Dojindo Laboratories
Dollar General
Dominion Sure Seal Limited
Dongbu Chemical Co., Ltd.
Dow Acrylic Monomers
Dow AgroSciences
Dow Chemical Company
Dow Corning
Dow Cyclotene
Dr. T's Nature Products, Inc.
Drackett Professional (Div. S C Johnson)
Drexel Chemical Company
DriTac Adhesive Group, Inc.
Dryden Aqua, Ltd.
Dryden Aqua, Ltd.
Dryvit Systems, Inc.
DSM Engineering Plastic Products, Inc.
DTW Inovative Solutions, Inc.
Dudick Inc.
Duncan Enterprises
Duniway Stockroom Corp.
Dunleary, Inc.
DuPont Packaging
Dupont Canada Crop Protection
DuPont CoolMax (Dacron)
DuPont Cromalin Toners     
DuPont Dymel
DuPont Engineered Polymers
DuPont Fire Extinguishants
DuPont Industrial Polymers
DuPont Nylon Intermediates and Specialty Chemicals 
DuPont Oxone
Durr Marketing Associates, Inc.
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