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Manufacturer's Name
C R Minerals Company, LLC
C&D Technologies Powercom Division
C.F.C. Reclamation & Recycling Service Inc.
C.P. Hall Co.
C.S.S. Technology, Inc.
Cabot Corporation
Cabot Stains Samuel Cabot Inc.
CAIG Laboratories, Inc.
Cal Crop USA
Cal-Tek Industries
Calbiochem-Novabiochem Corp.
Calgon Corporation
Callahan Chemicla Co.
Callery Chemical Company
Caltech Industries, Inc.
Caltex Australia Petroleum Pty Ltd.
CAM2 Oil Products Company
Cambrex Corporation
Cambridge Display Technology
Camco Chemicals
Camphor & Allied
Campo Research
Campora Propane or LP Gas Campora Propane or LP Gas
Canadian Gypsum Company, Inc.
Canberra Corporation
Carborundum Boron Nitride
Carolina Biological Supply
Casilite Group (The)
Castle International Resources
CB Products
Cedar Chemical Corporation
Celanese AG -
Cement Lining Co., Inc.
Center for Advanced Microstructures and Devices
Cerac, Incorporated
Cerexagri, Inc. Decco Post-Harvest
CertainTeed Corporation
CETCO (Colloid Environmental Tecnologies Co.)
CFR Corporation
CFS Enterprises, Inc.
CGC   (Canadian Gypsum Co)
Champion Chemical Company, Inc.
Champion Technologies
Changyu Chemical Plant
Charkit Chemical Corp.
Chase Corporation
Chavant, Inc.
Cheil Industries Inc
Chekemcolour Ltd.
Chem Lab Products, Inc.
Chem One Corp.
Chem One Ltd.
Chem Service, Inc.
Chem-Pak, Inc.
Chemarco, Inc.
Chemat Technology, Inc.
Chemcentral Corp.
ChemFirst Inc.
Chemical Products Corporation
Chemical Solutions Int'l, Corp.
Chemical Specialities India Ltd.
Chemical Specialties Manufacturing Corp
Chemical Specialties, Inc.
Chemicals Incorporated
Cheminova, Inc.
Cheminova, Inc.
Chemko Optical Supplies
Chemoxy International (Ascot Speciality Chemicals)
ChemPacific Corp.
Chemsol, Inc.
Chemtronics, Inc.
Chemverse Consultants
Chester Labs
Chevron Chemical Company (Plexco Pipe Division)
Chevron Corporation
Chevron Lubricants
China Inner Mongolia Huanghe General Leather Chemical Plant
Chlor*rid International Inc.
Ciba Specialty Chemicals
Circuit Specialists, Inc.
CITGO Petroleum Corporation
CL Marketing Inc. (Tabex)
Clariant Corporation
Clearwater, Inc.
Cleary Chemical
Cleary Chemical Corporation
Clift Industries, Inc.
CME Plastics, Inc.
Coastwide Laboratories
Coatings For Industry, Inc 
Cognis North America
Cold Ice, Inc.
Cole Chemical & Distributing, Inc.
Colin Campbell
Color Putty Co., Inc.
Columbian Chemicals Company
Commerical Products Co.
Compax, Inc.
Compotite Elastiseal
Concorde Battery
Concrete & Tile Technologies, Inc.
Conoco, Inc.
Conostan (Conoco Specialty Products, Inc.)
Consep, Inc.
Consep, Inc.
Continental Sulfur Company
Control Solutions, Inc.
Controlled Release Technologies Inc.
Coogee Chemicals
Cookson Electronics Assembly Materials
Cooper Power Systems
Corbond Corporation
Cosa Instrument Corporation
Costech Analytical Technologies, Inc.
CPAC, Inc.
CRC Industries, Inc.
Creanova, Inc.
Creative Marketing & Research, Inc.
Crescent Hardwood Supply
Cresset Chemical Company
Criterion Catalysts
Critter Company
Croda International Plc
Crompton Corporation
Crop Data Management Systems, Inc
Crop Data Management Systems, Inc.
Cryotech Deicing Technology
Crystal Chem, Inc.
Crystran Ltd
CSI Corp.(Nutri-Cal)
CTD, Inc
CTS Cement Manufacturing Company (Rapid Set® Products)
Cumberlan Swan
Curtis Matheson Scientific
Custom Agricultural Formulators
Cytec Industries, Inc.
Cytech Products, Inc.
Czech Moravian & Slovak Chemicals
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