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The resource links provide a compendium of useful references on various topics surrounding the chemical industry, the environment, health and safety and emergency response. The resources are intended to be global so if you would like your link included in the Resource section of MSDSXchange, please click on the add link button at the bottom of the web site. If you are an MSDSXchange user and would like to see additional content added in this section, please forward an Information Request and include a description of the content you would like to see added. Thank you for using MSDSXchange.


Chemical News

ACS - Regular news releases on breaking chemical industry news, backgrounders on professional trends, and provide access to the world's top industrial chemists through news briefings, interviews, and more.
Chemical Engineering Magazine - News and information to serve chemical engineers and related technical people in the chemical process industries.
Endocrine/Estrogen Letter - Information and Links regarding Endocrine and Estrogen.
National Environmental Information Resources Center - The topics of information accesed through Environmental Information Resources include conservation, ecology, education/training, energy, building design, health, governmnet programs and data, public and private sector employment opportunities, laws and regulations, remote sensing and monitoring, research, environmentally-conscious manufacturing, procuremnet of environmentally-preferable products and services, pollution prevention, and many other matters.
Network Science Magazine - Network Science Corporation, a non-profit organization, was founded to assist in science education by supporting the development of science and technology, by facilitating the timely exchange of information as a means of enhancing professional development, and by fostering public awareness of advances in the therapeutic management of diseases.
Reuters - Collection of weekly articles relating to the chemical industry.
Science and Engineering Safety Message Board - Google's message board for questions and concerns about science and engineering chemical safety.
The Carcinogenic Potency Project - The Carcinogenic Potency Database (CPDB) is a unique and widely used international resource of results from 6153 chronic, long-term animal cancer tests on 1485 chemicals.
ICIS - Welcome to ICIS, the world?s largest information provider for the chemical and oil industry. We aim to help chemical companies worldwide increase their revenues and profits by providing high-quality, business critical information, sales leads and brand positioning across the globe.
Environment News Service -
Food Chemical News - Welcome to FoodRegulation.com. Here you'll find a gateway to the combined resources of three of the oldest and most respected publishing companies in food regulation and food science.
Chemical News - A variety of News Channels
Chemical Week - The Worldwide News Source for Chemicals Makers and Processors
Chemical and Engineering News - Weekly news magazine of the chemical world.
Canadian Chemical News - Readers reach for ACCN for news on who?s who in the Canadian chemical community and what?s what at The Chemical Institute of Canada.
Reactive Reports - Reactive Reports will provide the chemistry community with cutting edge reports of exciting developments in the world of the chemical sciences and related fields.
Business.Com Chemical News - Breaking headlines and news reports about the chemicals industry.
Packaging Today - Packaging news for today's industry
Agricultural Chemical News - A Monthly Newsletter Covering The Latest Product Developments In The U.S. Agricultural Chemical Industry